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Winters are in full swing. And the season brings with itself the urge to keep warm. While the houses do not offer the right amount of warmth own their own, boilers can serve the purpose. However, some people are reluctant to invest in an expensive luxury like a boiler. Should a breakdown occur, the repair costs can go up to hundreds of pounds. However, this should not be holding back people from investing in boilers. Due to the availability of boiler cover for your home, it is great to have in the event of any damage. People opt for them to enjoy the winters without the worry of a huge expense bothering them.

However, some people debate that it is not worth its price.

Let’s address the issue at hand in more detail.

What is a Boiler Cover?

It is a blessing that gives you access to a certified heating engineer should an emergency occur. The engineer can visit your place, the soonest he can and get your boiler in running state again. A cover of this sort typically includes boiler service as well. This helps to prevent the breakdown from happening in the first place. However, the plan that you opt for may vary according to the model and make of your boiler. You can opt to make monthly or annual payments, depending on the company and the type of cover that you choose.

This might seem like an expensive deal to you at first, but it can help save hundreds of pounds later. Because according to research, one in three of all brand new boilers tends to break down within the first six years of its operation. Therefore, opting for a cover makes perfect sense. Because the cost of repair will most certainly be more than the cover.

Types of Cover Plans

Talking of options, they vary in nature. You can choose from stand-alone breakdown cover or a more comprehensive home emergency cover. The latter covers drainage, burst pipes, and even power supply failure. The choice is obviously yours. You can select the one that addresses your needs. You would also have to look into how old or new your boiler is. If it is brand new, then a basic boiler maintenance contract that will cover parts and labor will do for you. However, if your boiler is old, then you will have to opt for a policy that offers you unlimited claims. Apart from this, you will also need to consider the level of cover. This depends on your heating system. If you have a system that provides both heating and hot water, then you will need a plan that covers your radiators as well.

Self Repair vs Cover: Cost Comparison

Let’s have a look at the estimated costs of both the repair and cover to have a comparison. If you go with the method of self-insurance, you will spend around 60 pounds on the service of the boiler every year. And if nothing happens to your boiler, you will be better off without a cover. Because a cover would cost you more than this amount. However, in case an emergency occurs, you will have to pay an engineer to fix the issue (in case you do not have a cover).

This could cost you way more than you’d expect. Especially when there is a major problem and you need spare parts as well. According to estimates, this could cost you somewhere between 250-300 pounds. On the other hand, if you opt for a cover, you will have to pay a reasonable amount each month depending on the plan that you opt for starting from as low as 10 pounds a month. Although, this will cost you much more than a onetime service, look at the huge sum of money it can save you.

Is it Worth It? 

Well, if you have ever experienced a boiler breakdown than you know the huge sums of money that one has to spend it if there’s no cover. The average (annual) cost of repairing a boiler is 270 pounds which is not an ignorable amount. Therefore, for peace of mind, it is better to get a cover. Although this amount is a lot more than the annual boiler service cost, consider the worry you would have to go through in case an emergency arises. You will end up spending 3-4 times more money in that scenario.

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