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Combi Boiler Vs Conventional Boilers: Which is Better?

When you are about to purchase a new boiler, it is important to know about the different types of boilers and how they work. Most of the households get the choice to switch from their conventional boiler to a combi boiler. If this sounds familiar, understand your options before you do anything else. In order […]
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How to Avoid Appliance Breakdowns [Save Time & Money]

We have hoarded tons of appliances in our houses. We love the way they help us do our monotonous home chores. But do we really care about their health? Not until they fail! We may get an expensive home appliance cover but we wouldn’t care about the machines. Appliance breakdown can have severe consequences and […]
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10 Easy Tips To Avoid Home Emergencies

Nobody likes sudden home emergencies. They can be anything from a minor nuisance to a major catastrophe. The worst thing is you never know when disaster may strike. Many people prefer to take out a solid home insurance emergency cover. This is a good practice and really comes in handy when something unpleasant happens. But […]
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How a Boiler Cover is Worth its Price?

Winters ask for a warm and cozy home where one can relax after a tiring day. But this cannot be possible without installing boilers- an expensive investment. However, you can be at peace if you opt for a boiler cover.
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Six tips for keeping your heating system healthy this winter

If you feel the cold, your boiler breaking down is probably one of your worst winter nightmares. But good news: there are lots of things you can do to minimize the risk of it happening. Here are our top tips: 1. Get serviced You really do need to have your boiler serviced every year. Waiting […]
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