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Warranty People Complaints Procedure

Complaint Form: https://www.warrantypeople.co.uk/complaint-form/

What counts as a complaint?

A complaint is any form of contact from a customer, a person authorised on behalf of a customer, or potential customer who is not satisfied with our service.

How to make a complaint

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of customer care. We are always interested in your feedback and you can contact our complaints team using the following details: complaints@warrantypeople.co.uk

Whilst we will make every effort to maintain the highest standards, we recognise that there may be occasions when we fail to satisfy the particular requirements of our customers. We therefore have in place procedures to investigate and remedy any area of concern.

If you have a complaint about any part of our service, we want to hear from you so we can put things right.

Call us: 0333 996 9888

Email us: complaints@warrantypeople.co.uk

Write to us:

Customer Resolutions Department

Cwp, 85 Greengate

Manchester, England

M3 7NA

Alternatively, you can access our online complaints form on:


The insurance policies we sell are arranged and administered by 247 Home Assist Limited. In the event of a complaint, we will forward your complaint to 247 Home Assist Ltd who will, in turn, handle your complaint. You can find out more about their complaints procedure by clicking here.