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Winters ask for a warm and cozy house. The feeling of being able to retire to a cozy nook of your home while you surf the Internet is unmatchable. But you need to make certain arrangements to bring the feeling of warmth in winters. These arrangements can actually be hefty on your pocket. Who knew comfort would get this expensive one day! Investing in a boiler to keep your place at a reasonably warm temperature, however, is a necessity. But if you already have a home emergency cover, you can rest easy and enjoy the season.  But, if you do not feel like investing in a cover, you must start taking good care.

Here are a couple of easy maintenance tips for you:

Keep the Thermostat Accurate

When it comes to the maintenance of the heating system, there are many things that you need to keep in mind. Keeping the thermostat on an accurate level is just one of them. Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind regarding the thermostat. So, before the heating or the cooling season start, you should turn up the thermostat that controls the whole system. The purpose is to check the proper functioning of the furnace. If you hear the furnace turn on and it continues to run, your furnace is functioning properly. However, you should worry if the furnace turns off within three minutes of it running. Because this is a sign of short cycling that can happen due to either of the two reasons:

  • The thermostat needs replacement because it is not adjusted properly
  • The furnace’s heat exchanger is over-heating

You will have to call a professional to resolve the issue if the case happens to be short cycling. And consider upgrading to a more efficient model, in case of a replacement.

Regular Filter Checks

You should check your filters for proper functioning regularly. This will help optimize the efficiency of your system. Because dirty filters act as a hindrance to the circulation of warm air. As a standard rule, you should change the filters twice a year. However, you may need to change them monthly in the heating season. This is to prevent the filters from clogging. But before you do that, make sure that you check the size of the filter. You can find it written on the sticker pasted on the access door. And it would be better if you invest in disposable filters as they are not that expensive.

Cleaning the Vents

Another thing that you need to make a part of your ‘maintaining the heating system’ ritual is cleaning the vents. This is because if the vents are blocked, there will be an issue in the flow of the warm air throughout the place. You will have to make sure that all your vents are free from any type of debris, leaves or dust.

Clean the Pilot Light

This is also a very crucial maintenance ritual. Apart from keeping your filters debris free, it is advised that you keep the heat exchanger surfaces clean as well. If you happen to have a gas heating system installed, you should make sure that the pilot light is clear blue if you wish to have an optimal service. In case, your pilot light is not clean, take measures to do so. You will need to invest in a mini wire brush to do so. Using this brush, you will have to clear the area of gas release. Apart from that, you will also have to clear the can of compressed air. However, before you make any such attempts, shut the gas flow and turn off the thermostat.

Flush the Heating System

You should not forget the radiators when cleaning the heating system for regular maintenance. But before that ensure that the boiler, as well as the gas or electricity, are turned off. Apart from that, water should not leak into the heating system from anywhere. You will have to use the expansion cylinder when you make an attempt to flush the heating system.

Just follow the above-mentioned maintenance checklist and you will not experience a breakdown of your system. However, do consider investing in a gas central heating cover in case an emergency arises. Because if it does, you won’t be pleased to hear the amount of money you will spend to fix the whole system. Therefore, it is recommended to play it safe.


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