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Buying a new boiler and getting it installed is a decision most people make in a hurry. Households don’t replace the boiler because it’s old, they replace it when it breaks down. This usually happens when the weather is cold and you cannot wait to have your central heating and hot water restored. 

If the new boiler is great but you end up making a wrong decision about the installation, you will regret down the road. Therefore, just like choosing the right boiler is an important decision, so is choosing the right boiler installer.

Tips on Finding a Qualified Boiler Installer

For boiler installation, the installer must have specialized skills in gas, electricity, and water appliances. The individuals with the right skills are described a Gas Safe registered heating engineers. These engineers have 3 main skills which make them ideal gas boiler installers:

  • Installation skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Sales and marketing skills

To find the most qualified installer for the job, follow these tips:

Do Online Research: The quality of a website may not be an important factor in judging the skills of a boiler installed. However, it will give you a good understanding of the background of the company and its credibility. Don’t just rely on the information provided at the website. Check the company’s address to know where they are based. Reach out to them through their landline number.

Do your Homework: Hire boiler installers who have the necessary technical competencies. An inadequately installed boiler is not just inefficient, it can be dangerous for the people in the house. Do your homework and learn more about their local company, their reputation, credibility, and after-sale services.

Seek Recommendations and Feedback: Friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors can be a source of useful information. They might provide a reference to a reliable local installer. Don’t take their word for it, you must evaluate the services of the particular installer on your own as well.

Have a Conversation on Phone: Once you have done all the homework and shortlisted a few installers that seem reliable, call them to gather more details. This will give you a good idea of their services.

Talking to someone and asking them well-thought-out questions gives you a better idea of their services. You will also get a picture of their professionalism.

Note how long it takes to get through the concerned person. If it takes a long time to connect to the right person or get an answer to your query, chances are such a company cannot meet your emergency needs adequately.

Ask About CP12 Certificate: A qualified installer can always provide a CP12 certificate for all gas appliances in the property such as fire, cooker, and boiler. The certificate must clearly include defects or any other advisory work according to the gas safety regulations.

Get a Quote: Choosing a qualified boiler installer also means the cost of installation must be reasonable. When you ask a company for a quote, they send an engineer to your place to inspect your heating system and evaluate the amount of work required for boiler installation. Then, they give a fixed price for the installation. Make sure you get the quote in writing.

Consider Getting Quotes from Three Providers: The rule of thumb is to get quotes from at least 3 different providers. This is a time-consuming job but comparing quotes from three different sources can save you money. Quotes are free and you are not obligated to hire the engineer who comes to your property for evaluation.

Don’t fall for cheap quotes. They are not always the best. Compare your options and choose the installer who is offering the best value for money.

Build a Relationship: It pays off to find a heating engineer with whom you can build a relationship gradually. You will have someone to rely on if the boiler breaks down. This is beneficial for the customer as well as the installer. Have at least 2 fully competent boiler installers on your book just in case one of them is busy. 

Perform the Final Checks: Before you finally hire an installer, to make sure they offer trouble-free services, confirm the following things:

  • They must be gas safe registered
  • They must have public liability insurance
  • They must be able to provide references on their previous boiler installation job
  • They must have a trading address and an active telephone number

There is an added benefit of choosing a qualified and reliable boiler installer. If the boiler is installed correctly, the boiler manufacturer will send their service engineers for fixing the boiler breakdown under guarantee.

Traits to Look for in a Boiler Installer

A good boiler installer is a Gas Safe certified engineer. However, that’s not the only quality that makes a boiler installer good for the job. They must have interpersonal skills. They must be a people person to offer a satisfactory job. Their boiler installation might be perfect, but customers want more. They want the engineer to explain the process and give some tips for using the boiler efficiently.

These traits make a good boiler installer great at his job:

Good communication: Communication is the key even in the boiler installation job. Most of the work an engineer is doing is technical. It’s difficult for a layman to understand. However, if you explain the process in simple language, it builds rapport.

Polite and pleasant: No heating and hot water are stressful for homeowners. Good installers always put the consumers at ease. They approach them in a kind and professional manner.

Good listener: A good installer is a good listener as well. Customers always value those engineers who hear their concerns and respond appropriately.

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Boiler Installer

When looking for a boiler installer, apart from knowing a list of to-dos, you must also know what to avoid. This will help you find a good deal. Stay away from these mistakes:

  • Don’t take quotes on the phone. An engineer must visit your home and give a fixed quote after careful evaluation.
  • The engineer you choose must be fully competent in installing boilers.
  • Never trust an engineer who fails to provide CP12 certificate
  • Avoid an installer who is giving short or no guarantee for their services.
  • You cannot trust a company that uses automatic answering services. It will take too long for you to reach the concerned person.
  • Don’t hire non-accredited boiler installers for the job. Such an individual may not know what they are doing.
  • Don’t hire installers who do not have public liability insurance. If you end up hiring them and they cause property damage, you will have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

Reason You Should Hire a Local Boiler Installer

Hiring an installer from a national company is a safe option but it is highly expensive. You can save a lot of money by hiring a local boiler installer instead. They are just as competent. Since the local companies don’t have huge overheads, their service charges are reasonable.

Have a look at some reasons that explain why hiring a local boiler installer is the right choice:

Around the Clock Availability: There is nothing more annoying than leaving voicemails and getting zero response. There is no fun in sitting in a call queue either. The customer service lines of local companies are not busy. They are ready to answer queries 24/7. You will always get in touch with someone.

Quick Response: Every customer wants their boiler installation process complete in the shortest time span. Local engineers are quick at their job. They come at your schedule. You don’t have to wait for days to book an appointment. You might even get same-day installation services. Keep in mind boiler installation might take more than one day depending on the amount of work required.

Additional Tips and Recommendations: Local boiler installers go the extra mile to make sure their clients are happy with the services. After completing the installation, they will give you tips to maintain your boiler. Some even recommend choosing extra services like boiler cover to save yourself from unexpected bills in case of boiler breakdown.

Consistent Services: When you are dealing with national companies, there are variations in the quality of the service. This makes it harder to trust the reviews. However, when you have hired the services of a local company, you might be allowed to request the same engineer every time you need help. Hence, the quality of service will be consistent.

Things to Know to Get the Best Boiler Installation

After you have selected the right boiler installer, have a conversation with them to get the best boiler installation. Tell them about your hot water and heating needs. These are some questions a heating engineer would be interested in getting answers to:

  • How much hot water do you use on a daily basis? Do you need hot water in more than one taps at once?
  • Do your hot water needs change frequently? For instance, do friends and family come over for a stay?
  • Do you plan to use a power shower? In case you are getting a combi boiler installed, you cannot use a power shower with a pump. It’s not compatible with such showers.
  • Does your heating system work efficiently? If there are any performance issues with your heating system, let your boiler installer know.
  • Are you planning home improvements in the future? Your boiler installer would want to know if you have plans to add an extension such as a new bathroom.

Checks after Boiler Installation 

Once the installer has completed the installation, they must conduct safety and performance checks. It is mandatory for the installer to register your boiler with the manufacturer to validate its warranty

In case you notice cold spots or the radiators are taking a long time to heat up, it’s a sign that the heating system needs cleaning. Contact the installer immediately if such an issue arises. They will inspect and give a solution accordingly.

Can I Install the Boiler Myself?

You must have considered installing a new boiler by yourself. It’s legally not allowed. The safety regulations say that new gas boilers must be installed by an engineer with a Gas Safe Certificate. A Gas Safe engineer is able to work on your boiler safely. Such individuals make sure they meet the quality, safety, and legal standards set up by the government when installing a boiler.

If you are able to install the boiler on your own successfully, you will still need a certified engineer to test the boiler. Without a Gas Safe Certificate, you end up voiding the warranty of your boiler. You won’t be as proficient with the installation as a professional engineer. A poorly installed boiler can be dangerous for your family as well.

The best course of action is to hire a Gas Safe certified heating engineer for safe and correct boiler installation.

How to Ensure the Engineer is Gas Safe Certified?

If you are unsure or you simply want to put your mind at ease, you can ask the Gas Safe registered engineer to show their Gas Safe registration card. They are obligated to carry it with them on the job.

The Gas Safe ID card has a list of competencies the engineer is qualified to work on. You can also verify the license number on their card by calling the Gas Safe Register helpline. Once you are certain about the accreditation of the engineer, feel free to hire them.

Summing Up

You can only ensure successful boiler installation if you choose a Gas Safe certified heating engineer for the job.

Look for reviews, seek recommendations, do your own homework and get at least 3 quotes in writing. Along with validating the technical competencies of the boiler installer, make sure they have good social skills too. Choose a local company to find a qualified boiler installer. 

A good installer will walk you through the process of operating the boiler and heating controls once they are done with the installation. They will also provide a CP12 certificate after completing the job.

How to Choose a Boiler Installer

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