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Boiler repair or breakdown cover is cover plan for your boiler in case it breaks down. You pay a set amount, monthly or annually, and if your boiler needs to be fixed, you can call someone out for free – usually without having to wait too long. Whether, your boiler is new or old, you should consider signing up for a boiler breakdown cover plan. Warranty people also offer some exciting boiler breakdown cover plan at very competitive price. You can see our boiler breakdown cover plan here. 

We are currently offering one month free cover for our new customers. Speak one of our team member on the chat or call on 0333 996 9888 and claim your offer.

When you are considering any boiler breakdown cover plan, then you should check that the followings are covered:

  • Free Boiler Annual Service: Boiler annual service is required for the smooth operation of the boiler and to check everything is in good working condition. Annual boiler service usually cost somewhere around £60 to £80. Make sure that your boiler breakdown company is not charging any excess for Annual boiler service. Also, make sure that the free annual boiler service is every year and not only for the first year.
  • Unlimited Callout & Claims: You should check that your plan includes unlimited claims as well as the call out charges.
  • Parts & Labour: Check your boiler breakdown cover include parts and labour. A usual call out & repair charges for a boiler breakdown repair can cost between £150 to £300. In some cases, it can shoot up to £600-£700 per breakdown.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Check your boiler cover plan provider provides the nationwide coverage and they should cover your postal code. Nationwide coverage means they send the engineer near to your locality.
  • 24/7 Helpline: This is one of the most important things and you should check that your boiler breakdown cover provider have a 24/7 claim helpline and you can reach them anytime to make a claim.
  • Additional Coverage: You can check with your provider that what other items they are covering as a standard in the boiler cover. Some examples are, cover for central heating, plumbing & drainage, electrical emergencies, pest control, & home security. Sometimes you will get all this as a standard in your boiler cover plan and you don’t need to pay anything extra.

You can get cover for just your boiler, or boiler and central heating cover for your whole heating and hot water system, and even for other home emergencies, like drains and plumbing. Check, however, that you are not paying extra for things which your home insurance already includes. Some problems – for example, sludge build-up – are also not generally covered.

Benefits of Boiler Breakdown Cover

The most obvious benefit of boiler cover is that you won’t be hit with any surprise repair charges. You also won’t have to worry about suddenly finding a reliable engineer when your boiler breaks down – which can be a huge help as time is likely to be of the essence with boiler repairs, particularly in winter. Consumer magazine Which? says most boiler cover providers aim to fix a fault within 24 hours – at Warranty People, we aim to get our engineers to you within four.

What to Look With Boiler Breakdown Cover

If you are thinking of taking out boiler breakdown cover, look carefully at different providers, what’s included in their cover plan. Check the opening hours of their helpline, how quickly they promise to attend a call out, and what’s actually includes – some basic packages may not include all the parts and labour or other things.

Check if there is a limit on how many call-outs you can make in a year, or if there is an introductory period during which you can’t make any claims. If there is a limit, you’re not likely to reach it unless your boiler is very old – Which? found that on average, people whose boilers were less than six years old were not likely to need more than two repairs in a year.

Is Boiler Cover Worth it?

According to Which?, the average cost of a boiler servicing contract (boiler cover which includes your annual service) is £242 a year. With the average cost of a boiler repair being around £194 and your annual service upwards of £60, it proves worthwhile for many customers.

Bear in mind that the older your boiler is, the more likely it is to need repairs. Often, a small excess can be added for boilers older than ten years, which are more likely to incur faults. At Warranty People, for example, we add a small £75 excess for boilers, which are 11 years old or more.

Boiler Breakdown Cover From Warranty People

For just £0.17 per day, our engineers will come whenever you need them, as often as you need them – we’re at the end of the phone every minute of every day. Find out more about our boiler breakdown cover or call us on 0333 996 9888.

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