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Landlord often faces a problem to make a decision between choosing a boiler cover policy and wondering if it is worth it. If you are a landlord, you might be facing the same problem too. You are probably thinking about why you need a landlord boiler cover in the first place. Let us help you make up your mind and take the right decision. A boiler breakdown policy protects your boiler in case of a sudden fault or breakdown. Landlord boiler covers will help you to fix the boiler in case of a boiler breakdown at your property. As per law, it’s your responsibility that central heating is working and hot water is coming in your property.

Why Do I Need Landlord Boiler Cover?

A landlord boiler cover will provide the assurance that you and your tenants continue to stay warm and always with hot water supply. It helps cover the costs of an unexpected boiler breakdown or fault. In case something goes wrong with to your boiler, your policy will help you to cover the repair cost. The boiler cover plan will also cover the costs of a call-out, labour and parts. Some landlord covers also include an annual boiler service, which helps keep your boiler in good working condition. An annual boiler service is also mandatory if you want to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid for your boiler.

  • As a landlord, it is your responsibility to keep the boiler in working condition and the boiler cover will help you in this. Since its landlord responsibility, your tenants won’t be taking a policy on your behalf. They also won’t spend money from their pockets on boiler repairs or servicing.
  • In your absence, if the boiler breaks down then you will have to deal with several inconveniences to fix the boiler in case of a breakdown. Here are a few other problems you might have to face without a landlord boiler cover policy:
  • Finding an available, reliable, gas safe register repairs engineer to inspect, service, or repair a boiler. Depending on your property location, it can take up to weeks to find a good engineer to repair your boiler.
  • You will have to pay a fixed amount to the engineer for the call-out fee and then the extra for labour, repair, and any part for your boiler or central heating. You will have to pay for the new parts in case any replacements are needed. This can be expensive depending on the make and model of your boiler.
  • You will also have to deal with unhappy tenants until the boiler undergoes repairs or fixed. If it takes weeks to repair your boiler, your tenants will have to live without heat or hot water for that time.

What Should You Look in Landlord Boiler Cover Policy?

A landlord boiler cover policy can help you avoid and fix many problems. This makes it a great option for property owners. A boiler cover policy should offer the following as a minimum:

  • 24/7 helpline so that you can report a claim on weekdays or in the evenings. This will help to ensure that your tenants will face the least inconvenience possible.
  • Check that parts and labour are included. If your policy covers the cost of new parts and labour, you will get protection from a higher repair bill. The last thing you want to spend hundreds of pounds on parts & labour after all the inconvenience. A landlord boiler cover policy helps you to protect from these costs.
  • Check that annual boiler service is included. Most landlord cover policies include an annual service to make sure the boiler is working smoothly. Annual boiler service also helps identify any defects that could turn into a problem in the future.
  • Gas safety inspection or gas safety certificate (CP12). Landlords are required to maintain a record of their gas safety inspections. Your policy could include an inspection by a Gas Safe engineer. It could give you a gas safety certificate (CP12) also.

What Is a Landlord Boiler Cover?

A landlord boiler cover is a type of service plan that protects your boiler from unexpected breakdowns. It allows you or your tenants to arrange an engineer visit in case of a breakdown or emergency. You might have to pay an excess charge (typically a call out fee) in case your boiler is more than 15 years old. The excess charge is because older boilers are more prone to breakdowns.

You may wonder why you need a boiler cover policy if you already have a manufacturer’s warranty. The thing is, you shouldn’t only depend on the warranty in case of a breakdown. Most warranties are only valid for a certain number of years or for some specific situation. They also don’t cover timescale or physical damage. In fact, now might be a good time for you to review your boiler’s manufacturer warranty with care. 

What Does a Landlord Boiler Cover Policy Do?

In simple terms, it reduces a lot of the stress and inconvenience during a boiler breakdown at your property. It also allows your tenants to arrange for repairs with your provider in your absence. They might still need your permission but it saves you from the stress of having to arrange repairs on your own.

  • A landlord boiler cover also helps you with the following:
  • Avoiding high repair bills when an engineer repairs your boiler
  • Keeping your manufacturer warranty valid by performing an annual boiler service
  • Access to a 24/7 helpline. This means help is only a phone call away in case of a breakdown. You can either call the helpline yourself or allow your tenants to do it to save time.
  • You can make unlimited call-outs and unlimited claims against your boiler cover plan
  • Gas safety inspection along with a gas safety certificate (CP12) for your record.

How Is a Homeowner Boiler Cover Different from a Landlord Boiler Cover?

Homeowner boiler covers and landlord boiler covers are more or less the same except for one key difference. Both policies allow you to make claims and callouts against boiler breakdowns. Both offer you access to 24/7 helplines so you can always reach someone in an emergency. Both cover the costs of parts, labour and call out for a gas safe register engineer.

So how are they different? The key difference between a homeowner cover and a landlord cover is the landlord gas safety certificate (CP12). The law requires landlords to maintain a record of their gas safety inspection history.

There isn’t a national standard on how much a gas safety inspection can cost. The law requires a gas safe registered engineer to carry out the inspection but it leaves the charges up to the engineer. This means you might have the problem of finding a gas safe registered engineer once every year and pay a different amount for an inspection. Unless of course, you get one of our landlord boiler cover. We include a free gas safety inspection (CP12) with our most plans. Obviously, the visiting engineer will be gas safe register and will issue you a gas safety certificate (CP12). 

What Is the Difference Between a Landlord Boiler Cover and a Central Heating Cover?

It is often easy to get confused between a landlord boiler cover and a central heating cover. It gets even more confusing if the boiler is part of the wider central heating system on your property. One way to tell the difference between a landlord boiler cover and a central heating cover is to look at what they cover.

A boiler cover only includes the boiler and its controls control only. A central heating cover has additional coverage for central heating also and it includes your boiler, cylinder, pipes and radiator. A central heating cover can also be called a boiler and heating cover, so don’t confuse the terminology while browsing for your landlord cover.

You can also choose to add plumbing & drainage, electrical emergency and home emergency in your boiler cover package with a small additional fee.

Does a Landlord Boiler Cover Include an Annual Service?

An annual service of the boiler on your property is very important for several reasons. First reason that manufacturer warranty will be void if you don’t have your boiler serviced annually. Second, an annual service helps to make sure that your boiler is in good working condition. It also helps to identify the faults at the early stage. 

It is important that only a gas safe registered engineer carries out your annual service; otherwise, your warranty becomes void. An annual service usually includes a visual check of the boiler exterior and controls. It also includes a closer inspection of the boiler internal components. Your annual service helps to make sure your boiler is in good working condition. It is important to check if your landlord boiler cover includes an annual service. You may also check if you cover offers an annual service for the first year only or every year of the cover.

Can Your Policy Provider Work with Your Tenant?

This varies from provider to provider, so you should confirm it beforehand. Obviously, it would be more convenient for you to have a flexible provider. A provider that can work with both you or your tenant is a big relief. If you’re out of town, or unavailable, then boiler repair at your property won’t be held up. Instead, you can simply give your tenant permission to manage the repair work with your policy provider.

What Extras Can You Get with Your Landlord Boiler Cover?

The extra services you get with your landlord boiler cover differ from plan to plan. It also depends on what coverage your plan offers. Depending on what level of cover you choose to go with, your boiler cover policy may include the following:

  • Annual boiler service
  • Central heating system
  • Gas safety check (CP12)
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Plumbing & Drainage
  • Electrical Emergencies & Breakdown
  • Home Security

What Types of Landlord Covers Do We Offer?

We offer four separate landlord boiler covers with varying coverage. If you choose to go with one of our landlord covers, you can take advantage of the current ongoing promotion. You have the option to pay for monthly or yearly. Please read the details of our landlord plans:

Landlord – Basic

The Landlord-Basic plan cover is, as the name suggests, our most basic policy for landlords. This is a boiler-only cover, which means it includes only boiler breakdowns and repairs. It includes unlimited claims & callouts, parts and labour, 24/7 helpline but it does not cover annual boiler service. The Landlord-Basic policy starts at just £0.92 per week.

Landlord – Bronze

The Landlord-Bronze policy is a step above our Landlord-Basic cover. This policy includes an annual boiler service by an engineer to make sure everything is in good working order. This is also important to keep your manufacturer warranty valid. It also includes a carbon monoxide test to ensure your boiler is working safely. We also offer a free CP12 Gas Safety certificate after inspecting your boiler. This is important for your record, which the law requires you to maintain. The Landlord-Bronze cover starts at just £1.61 per week under our ongoing promotion.

Landlord – Silver

The Landlord-Silver cover is a more comprehensive policy than our Landlord-Bronze cover. This policy covers your boiler, annual boiler service, gas safety inspection and carbon monoxide testing. Just like the Landlord-Bronze policy. In addition, it also offers cover for your central heating system.

The central heating system cover includes repairs made to components of your system. This includes pipework, motorized valves, pumps, expansion tank and fittings. We help protect your central heating system in case of a breakdown. A central heating system is one of the most expensive items to repair, so the Landlord-Silver policy offers you peace of mind for just £2.19 per week.

Landlord – Gold

The Landlord-Gold policy is our top-tier policy that offers extensive cover for landlords. This policy covers everything included in the Basic, Bronze and Silver covers. In addition, it offers you cover for the following items:

  • Internal Plumbing and Drainage: We cover any repair work done to leaky or burst internal pipes. This also includes your overflows.
  • Electrical Emergency and Breakdown: We cover repairs to your electrics and mains wiring. This includes fuse boards and circuit breakers inside your property connected to the mains. 
  • Home Security: We include cover for creating emergency access to your property in case of a lockout or if your tenants lost keys. This also includes the boarding up any broken doors or windows. We also include repairs to external door locks and lost door keys.

All our landlord cover come with the following services:

  • Parts and labour included with your plan charges
  • Unlimited claims and call-outs
  • Nationwide coverage for almost every postcode in the U.K.
  • 24/7 UK based helpline
  • No excess charges for boiler service
  • If you need more information on any of our landlord cover policies, feel free to speak to one of our representatives.  

What is Landlord Boiler Cover & Why it is Important

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