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Households don’t just replace boilers because they don’t work anymore. They also replace them to upgrade to an energy efficiency model. Boiler replacement and installation is a complex process. The prices vary depending on the type of boiler, brand, and build quality. As an informed consumer, you need to be aware of the costs before buying a new boiler.

Cost of New Boiler Replacement

When it comes to the cost of new boiler replacement, the expense for one household may be cheaper than the other. The replacement cost for an existing combi boiler with another would be less than the cost of switching from a traditional boiler to a new combi boiler.

The price also varies based on the size, brand, and type of boiler. New boilers are not cheap. The price of a new boiler range from £500 to £2,500, and even more. If your central heating system needs to be flushed or you need new thermostat radiator valves, this would increase the cost of replacement.

When To Get A Boiler Replaced?

There are a few signs that indicate you should get your boiler replaced:

    • If repairing the boiler is no longer cost-effective, engineers often recommend investing in a new boiler.
    • It might be a good option to get a new boiler if the existing one does not give you control over the heating.
    • If your boiler is G-rated, you are better off replacing it with an A-rated model that is more energy-efficient.
    • If you are renovating your home or you want to sell it, installing a modern condensing boiler can increase its value.

Cost Of Installing A Boiler

Just like the cost of replacing a new boiler, the cost of installing a boiler also varies. The straightforward installation of a combi boiler in the same location can cost up to £540. On the other hand, the installation of a combi boiler in a new location can cost up to £1,440.

Installers suggest consumers put aside money for additional expenses such as chemical flush, which costs £200, mechanical flush, which costs £510 and moving pipes, which may cost between £200 and £300.

These prices do not include the cost of the boiler. As the cost of installing a boiler is more than the price of the boiler itself. When you add both the cost of a boiler replacement and installation, you could be spending between £1,040 and £4,250.

Installing a combi boiler is quick and easy as compared to fitting a conventional boiler, as it does not have extra tanks or cylinders that need fitting. The engineer will just have to connect the wires and the boiler will be ready to use in a couple of days. You will have to pay less in terms of labour cost as well.

These are just estimated cost. The final figure of boiler installation will vary depending on certain factors. Factors That Influence the Cost of Boiler Installation

These are some of the common factors that usually influence the cost of installing a new boiler:

Main gas pipe upgrades: Traditional heating systems are built with a gas pipe of 155mm width. If you are upgrading to a newer boiler model, you need to upgrade the pipes to 22mm. This will incur additional costs.

Weight: A heavy boiler means it is going to be a two-person job. This will add to the labour cost.

The complexity of the replacement: Some boiler replacements are straightforward. There is no need to loosen the connection. All the job requires is removing the old boiler and installing the new one in its place. After installing the boiler, the installer will just have to test the unit and label it is Gas Safe.

Not all boiler installations are that simple. If you are upgrading to a different type of model, the engineer might have to change the pipework and re-drill some holes for mounting the boiler. This makes the job time-consuming and increases the cost of fitting a new boiler.

Location of the boiler: If you need to move the boiler to a new location, that will require additional pipework, physical labour and new fixtures, and fittings.

Additional installations: Fitting extra parts such as cylinders, limescale filter, or magnetic boiler filters can cost up to a hundred pounds.

Chemical flush: Flushing helps clear out the built-up sludge from the heating system. Sludge stops the hot water from flowing the radiators. This influences the efficiency of the boiler. A chemical flush, if required, will cost extra.

How Long Does Boiler Installation Take?

Boiler installation can take 1 to 5 days depending on the work required. If a system change is required, it usually takes longer.

It is important to consider the time required for installing the boiler, as it will influence the cost and give you an estimate about when the boiler will be ready to use. Reliable Gas Safe engineers try completing the installation as quickly as possible to make sure the heating and hot water are ready for the use of the homeowners.

What To Expect During Boiler Installation?

As mentioned earlier, reliable Gas Safe engineers try to make the installation simple and quick. They bring all the parts and materials necessary to perform the job safely and efficiently.

This is what you can expect from a typical boiler installation:

Before the installation: Before starting the installation, the Gas Safe engineer will inspect a few things. These include water pressure, number of radiators, number of bathrooms in the house, water pressure, positioning of the boiler, and flue.

On the day of installation: If the replacement is straightforward such as switching from one combi boiler to another, the engineer might finish the job within a day. If the beating system is old and you are changing the boiler type, certain complications or upgrades can prolong the installation. This might take more than just a day.

Get the documentation: All companies need to notify the local authorities after installing a new gas appliance to comply with the regulations of the buildings and gas safety rules. After installing the boiler, the installer will give you a Building Regulations Certificate. Keep it in a safe place.

After the installation: Once the installation is complete, the engineer tests the boiler to ensure it is working. Some also clean up the area after they are done. Then, they explain all the controls, and how to operate the boiler.

Most companies offer a guarantee after they are done with boiler installation. The guarantee period might vary from 1 to 5 years. If after the installation, you are concerned about the boiler’s safety or you think the engineer has not done his job right, call the company right away. They are obligated to fix the problem created by the engineer.

Tips To Save Money On Boiler Installation

Boiler replacement is a big investment. Without doing your homework, you could end up paying a higher installation cost. To save money on boiler installation, follow these tips:

Don’t settle on the first quote: When searching for a reliable installer, you will come across providers who are offering claims that are about to expire in a few days. Don’t worry about it. This is just a trick to put pressure on the consumer that they are running out of time.

You should never settle on the first quote. Explore your options. Get quotes from 2-3 providers and compare their services.

Don’t pick the cheapest: You will naturally be inclined to pick the cheapest replacement option. Cheapest is never the best in the long run. Check the energy efficiency rating of the new boiler, model and make before considering replacing your existing one.

Do your own research: Don’t take the words of the installer after they have given the quote. Do your own research as well. Let the installer know that you are looking for quotes so that they give you the best one without wasting much time.

Stay in control: Don’t make a decision under pressure. Mostly, installers visit the home to give an accurate quote. Call installers from different companies for the inspection. Make sure you set time limits for their visits.

Get the requirements straight: Confirm the requirements at the outset. Verify what is included in the quotation provided by your installer. Thermostat, radiators, system flushing, relocation, and additional pipework can add the cost. Make sure you are aware of what the provider will charge for these additional installations.

How Much Can You Save With Boiler Replacement?

This is Money talks about how you can eventually save money by replacing your old boiler. If you replace a G-rated boiler with an A-rated boiler along with upgrading to newer heating controls, you can save up to £340. Apart from this, you could be saving approximately 1,500 kg of carbon monoxide per year by switching to a modern boiler.

Modern boilers don’t just reduce monthly bills; they also provide long-term security, care, and warranty. It is beneficial to get a new appliance but doesn’t pay more than you should.

A well-maintained boiler can last for up to 15 years. However, as it gets older, it has to work harder to supply hot water and keep the house warm. Eventually, you would be paying higher heating bills. This is why in such a situation, a boiler replacement is recommended.

Combi boilers are the popular modern boilers in the UK households these days. They don’t have a water cylinder like conventional boilers. They are small in size, so they can easily fit into your kitchen cupboard. The only downside of these boilers is you might lose water pressure if more than one hot water taps are being used at the same time.

Boiler Installation Options

You have a few options for installing a new boiler. Explore them and go for the one that saves you the most money on boiler installation:

Reach out to a local company: The local heating engineers can carry out new boiler replacement and even install a new heating system. The company will send an experienced heating engineer to look at your boiler and its setup. They will discuss the options and provide you with a quote. It is recommended to get quotes from 3 different companies.

Some local engineers purchase the boiler on behalf of the consumer directly from the boiler. They also install the new replacement boiler. The price quoted by these engineers will vary depending on the amount of work involved to replace the boiler.

Contact your energy supplies: Energy suppliers are also willing to provide new boiler replacement. They send an engineer to your place for assessing the boiler and provide you with a cost for boiler installation.

This is an expensive option when it comes to installation because you might be dealing with a big brand.

Ge a replacement from the supplier directly: You might find a better deal if you get the boiler replacement from the supplier or manufacturer directly. You will have to arrange a Gas Safe heating engineer to install the boiler separately.

Boiler supply and fit: When you go with the option of boiler supply and fit that means you will get a quote on new boiler replacement and installation from the same source. You can get this deal from an energy supplier or a local installer.

It is an ideal option if you want one company to handle everything. Engineers can recommend you boiler brands that they have fitted successfully for years. If you have a specific model in mind, you can always ask the installer if it’s worth it.

The cost of a new boiler replacement ranges from £500 and £2,500. On the other hand, the cost of installation could be as high as £1,440 depending on what additional services are needed for optimum functioning. Installing a boiler is expensive than getting a replacement boiler.

These estimated figures may subject to change depending on the type of boiler, model, brand and certain other factors.

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